compare with his Versace body print all over the worl

Today, 68 years ago, a true fashion star was born – Gianni Versace, who can think of this Italian guy marking the birth of designer star? Compared with him, Giorgio Armani, who is best at wooing stars, has to shun, because Gianni is a shining star in himself; Tom Ford, who is best at selling sexy, can only be regarded as a junior; how to say that Medusa is better than Gucci. The double G standard is more aggressive and aesthetically pleasing; Roberto Cavalli, who will play the visual impact and passionate print, can’t compare with his Versace body print all over the world…
Gianni Versace’s fashion talent is inherited from his mother, Francesca. He has been in and out of the clothes shop since he was a child. He studied fashion production and design with his ears, but the building he started learning until he was 26 years old. Milan is involved in the fashion industry.
Gianni Versace was the first person to propose the concept of supermodel. He held Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in one hand and turned the model from a rigid hanger to a profession that women are not willing to work into. Choosing, Gianni Versace likes Kate Moss’s confusion and drifting. She has been the advertising endorser for many times, while the black pearl Naomi Campbell has been a catwalk for 11 consecutive years.